Here a just a small collecion of the wheels that we have repaired and refurbished. We will be updating this section on a regular basis with more pictures, so bookmark this page.

01.GRP4 Revolution Wheel Before Refurb.jpg 02.GRP4 Revolution Wheel After Refurb.jpg 03.GRP4 Revolution Wheel After Refurb.jpg 04.BMW Before Wheel Refurb.jpg 05.BMW During Wheel Refurb.jpg 06.BMW After Wheel Refurb.jpg 07.VW.Before.Wheel.Refurb.jpg 08.VW.Wheel.Refurb.After.jpg 09.VW.Wheel.Refurb.After.Set.jpg 10.Toyota Before Wheel Refurb.jpg 11.Toyota During Wheel Refurb.jpg 12.Toyota After Wheel Refurb.jpg 13.BBS Before Wheel Refurb.jpg 14.BBS During Wheel Refurb.jpg 15.BBS During Wheel Refurb.jpg 16.BMW 6 Series Before Refurb.jpg 17.BMW 6 Series During Refurb.jpg 18.BMW 6 Series After Refurb.jpg 19.Rays Wheel Before Repair.jpg 20.Rays Wheel During Repair.jpg 21.Rays Wheel After Repair.jpg 22.Wheel Before Repair.jpg 24.Wheel During Repair.jpg 23.Wheel After Repair.jpg 25.Rays Wheel Kerb Damage Before.jpg 26.Rays Wheel Repaired.JPG 27.Rays Wheel Refurbished.JPG 28.Rayed Wheel During Refurb.jpg 30.Rayed Wheel During Refurb.jpg 29.Rayed Wheel After Refurb.jpg 31.Wheel Crack Repair Before.jpg 32.Wheel Crack Repair During.jpg 33.Wheel Crack Repair After.jpg