Banna Beach Kerry Mini Stages Rally Report

Team Wheeldoctor had a thriving weekend at the Kerry Mini Stages rally based at the Banna Beach Hotel in Co. Kerry with both cars finishing in the top 15.The pairing of Barry Ryan/John Young in the Escort finishing 7th overall along with Anthony Collins/Donald Flatly finishing 12th overall. Both crew were delighted with the results and represents a personal best overall result for both Anthony and Barry.

Team Wheeldoctor Team Wheeldoctor

Sunday morning dawned with cloudy blue skies around Banna Strand where 2 stages repeated twice would be completed with a service interval in the beach car park in Ballyheigue. The roads were still wet from the previous night's rain which resulted in both crews going out on intermediate tyres. Anthony was on Kuhmos whilst Barry was shod with Dunlops.

Both crews started the first stage but were blocked half way through when another competitor crashed causing the stage to be cancelled for the following crews.  A scratch time was awarded to both crews who headed for the second stage which was a short 6 mile tricky test. Barry after some previous niggling problems in his newly built Escort was hoping for a good clean run and got off to flyer stopping the clocks at 5:52 to leave him and his navigator John Young 8th overall going into the service interval.

Anthony and Donald meanwhile also got off to a good start despite some minor problems with a gearbox seal leak and a broken wire on the starter. Anthony admitted to being cautious but reckoned there was more to come. Barry meanwhile was delighted with the new car's performance and handling and it only needed routine checks. The service crews got to work on both cars and prepared them for the next loop of stages with routine checks, repairing Anthony's starter wire before sending them on their way.

Anthony upped his pace on the second loop of stages to maintain his second in class behind the rapid Escort of Ed Synan who was lying in the top 5. Barry had two minor over shoots on the stage and dropped a few seconds but still maintained 8th overall. With a short final stage to go both crews erred on the side of caution to finish the rally with Barry and John taking a class win and Anthony and Donald finishing second in their class.

Anthony Collins/Donal Falvey SS4

Barry Ryan/John Young SS2