Wheel Refurbishing

A substantial amount of our wheel repair work involves restoring & refurbishing old or damaged wheels. Most wheels will, at some stage, suffer from aluminum oxidation where the paint bubbles due to trapped water resulting from stone chips. A full refurbish is the only successful method of solving this.

Faded or Tarnished wheels can benifit from a reburbish to bring them back to orginal condition. We specialise in 2 & 3 Piece split wheels with polished rims and painted centres.

  • Wheel is chemically cleaned to eradicate dirt and brake dust.
  • A solvent based solution is then applied to remove existing lacquer and paint without damaging the alloy.
  • The wheel is then checked for straightness and any chips, cracks or kerbing damage is then repaired.
  • An acid etching procedure is applied to ensure optiumum primer adhesion to the surface of the wheel.
  • Finally the wheels are ready for your choice of color(s) before being oven baked.
  • For Spilt rims there is an optional polishing on the rim in a mirror finish or a satin finish.